SARDARYAN BROTHERS is a company with many years of experience in the field of professional services. The legal name is “Consigliere” Law Office LLC, which means “adviser” from Italian.

The fundamental principle of the company is universality, due to which we provide a wide range of legal services both in Armenia and abroad. The professionalism of our lawyers is based on the combination of legal practice, continuous retraining and research activities. We are ready to provide legal support using all legal mechanisms.

The priority of SARDARYAN BROTHERS is the protection of the client’s interests by any means not prohibited by law.

Before concluding a contract of legal services, we provide free advice.

The principles of our lawyers are:

The principle of good faith

According to this principle, our lawyers act strictly in the interests of their client, using all legal instruments and methods necessary and sufficient to achieve the goals.

The principle of respect for the honor and dignity of the individual

Respect for the honor and dignity of the individual, professional and correct behavior by a lawyer in any situation is the key to the success of any business.

Principle of reasonableness

The principle of reasonableness implies the correct choice of the ways and means for achieving the desired result, as well as the most expedient actions that allow to avoid of unnecessary use of time and funds of the principal.

Principle of confidentiality

All the information provided by the client to the company, as well as the information that becomes known in connection with and during the provision of legal services, is kept in strictest secrecy. Information is used only with the prior permission of the client and only in order to protect his/her interests.